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Heat-sealed flex vinyl

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Heat-sealed vinyl for transfer printing onto fabric, available in various colours.

Heat-sealed flex vinyl

CPLFabbrika is the reference point for online sales of products for screen printing, and among these we offer a wide range of heat-sealable flex vinyls, a specific product for intaglio printing and for creating lettering or logos of various colours. Our heat-sealable flex vinyls are perfect for use with various types of equipment, such as Graphtec cutting plotters, highly professional machines that guarantee an excellent end result, especially for large prints. For cutting small-sized heat-sealable flex vinyl, Silhouette's A3 and A4 plotters are perfect, as they allow you to produce smaller print bases while maintaining the highest quality. You can also purchase heat-sealable flex vinyls in various colours in a handy carving kit complete with everything you need, including a plotter and heat press, a perfect kit for transfer printing on fabrics, or you can choose to use a vinyl backing, suitable for printing with inkjet printers, which is very easy to use.

Flex vinyl is available in a wide range of colours, and thanks to its high flexibility, it can also be applied to elastic materials, with the use of appropriate vinyl accessories such as squeegees and cutting cutters, which will help you to apply it in the best possible way to obtain a perfect final product. Among heat-sealable vinyls, the Flex type is the one that is best suited to transfer onto textiles. It comes in a wide range of colours and is very useful for personalising neutral T-shirts of all kinds. Search the online catalogue of CPLFabbrika for flex heat-sealable vinyl on sale at special prices, find the model that best suits your printing needs and buy it now with the best offer on the web.