Roland Print & Cutting Plotter

Roland Print & Cut Plotter The Roland printing and cutting plotters in the CPLFabbrika catalogue exploit the high quality technology of this great brand to give you an excellent tool for your graphics workshop. These cutting plotters are in fact capable of producing accurate heat-sealable vinyls that are perfect for being applied to the most diverse surfaces. These fine items are excellent for customization of merchandising and gifts at the professional level, but are also recommended to provide a device of excellent level to those who begin to take their first steps in the world of printing. The Roland plotters print and cut are characterized by the dual function, ideal for enclosing in a single instrument is the realization of the colour and design on vinyl that its shaping. Products of great versatility and offered at affordable prices on our catalogue, work excellently with both self-adhesive vinyl with those heat-sealable, for customization solutions graphics of all kinds. All our Roland cutting plotters are equipped with special software for computer control, in order to precisely follow all the printing and cutting phases. The program is compatible with all common digital image formats, perfect for drawing any graphics on vinyl. Printing and cutting plotters are the right choice to enhance your workshop with a versatile and high quality technological support and to optimise the customisation activity to the maximum. An option that can be supplemented with complete plotter cutting kits so that you have everything you need for your work immediately. Discover the offer of the professionals of CPLFabbrika and buy the Roland printing and cutting plotter that best suits your needs, taking advantage of the precision and power of the technology of this great Japanese brand.

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