Cutting mats

Cutting plotter mats, essential for the correct cutting of the sheet or substrate to be cut. Plotter mat CPL Fabbrika offers you the best online deals for the purchase of products and equipment ideal for the realization of different screen printing techniques, including all accessories and spare parts for worn or damaged parts, such as mats for cutting plotters, available in the catalogue in various sizes, and essential for precision cutting. The plotter mat is perfect for cutting small paper and cardboard, but it is also useful for cutting self-adhesive vinyl, which you will find in the catalogue in the appropriate section. The special checkered surface also allows the cutting plotter to be more precise, simplifying the procedures for positioning the object to be cut, so that the plotter blade can follow the outlined shape perfectly. Our cutter mats are also thick enough to make them very easy to position in the machine in a very short time. The perfect positioning of the plotter mats is also guaranteed by the slightly adhesive surface, which can be renewed with a simple adhesive spray when the adhesion power starts to fail, a product that also proves to be long-lasting despite intensive use. The cutting mat is one of the plotter accessories that is often absolutely indispensable. One example is when high-precision work needs to be carried out that requires error-free cutting, the cutting of small parts from small objects suggests another. With our offer of plotter mats you will be able to make the best equipment for carving, ideal both for those who want to carry on their passion and for those who want to make their business even more important. Enter CPLFabbrika now and find the ideal plotter mat for sale online, take advantage of the offers and buy everything you need at the best price on the web.

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