Automatic Screen Printing Press

Screen printing machines on flat substrates and surfaces. Flatbed Automatic Printing Machines Screen Printing Machines The automatic flat screen printing machine is one of the top items among the equipment for screen printing workshops, a high-end tool available for sale online in the online catalogue of CPLFabbrika. The automatic flat screen printing machine is perfect for use on regular surfaces and differs from the semi-automatic flat screen printers in that it has a movable table and, above all, the possibility of inserting and removing the sheet automatically without register points. The first operation is carried out through a complex structure of suction cups that release the sheet at the intended point, allowing for easy printing, while the removal operation is carried out through a complex system of grippers. The automatic flat screen printing machine has among its most interesting features the advantage of a simple and easy cleaning, its printing group, in fact, is easily manageable and washable with a single command, as the screen printing frame lifts up favoring the washing that is usually carried out with the various products for the stripping of screen printing frames. This type of system allows you to remove the leftover ink from previous prints and allow you to start production again in a very short time. The advantage of this product is the management on board the machine through the touch-screen that allows, in case of need, to make manual operations. The automatic flat screen printing machines are present in our online catalogue with the possibility of preparing frames up to the maximum size of 780×900 mm, more than enough for common operations, and with a weight of 700 kg which will make them perfectly stable during their activities, avoiding any smearing. The best prices on the market are waiting for you in the online store of CPLFabbrika, discover the advantageous offers and start producing right away with the automatic flat screen printing machine offering a unique service to your customers.

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