Sublimation Cartridges for Ricoh Printers, models Geljet SG 7100 DN and Geljet SG 3110 DN


Sublimation Cartridges for Ricoh Printers, models Geljet SG 7100 DN and Geljet SG 3110 DN

For Ricoh Geljet SG 7100 DN and Geljet SG 3110 DN printers
Sublimation Ink

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Sublijet cartridges with sublimation ink for Ricoh printers.

For models:
– Ricoh Geljet SG 7100 DN
– Ricoh Geljet SG 3110 DN

Note: The smaller cartridges are compatible with both printer models, the larger capacity cartridges can only be used on the Ricoh Geljet SG 7100 DN.

Colour profiles for Ricoh printers with dye sublimation inks are available on the Sawgrass website.

The small cartridges can print around 600 pages, the large cartridges up to 2,200-2,500 pages.


Are sublimation colours accurate?
Answer to the question from Emmanuel

Sometimes I’ve found that a black image, when printed using the sublimation technique, appears brown and with various different shades. Why does this happen?

First, it’s worth remembering that sublimation printing tends to change the colours slightly, giving an almost magenta tone, so if the file isn’t completely black it’s possible that this difference will be even more noticeable.
However, the shading that you’ve witnessed is due to the fact that the press wasn’t pressing on the entire design: to get an even print when sublimation printing on mugs, it’s important to make sure that the press is applying pressure uniformly across the entire design.

In short, to transfer images onto ceramic mugs using the sublimation technique, the following steps should be taken:
Set the press to 195/200°C for approximately 160/180 seconds.
To transfer the image onto the mug, we suggest using tape that’s resistant to high temperatures and placing it a few millimetres away (on either side) from where the image is due to go, this will help facilitate the pressing operation.

Apply medium/strong pressure.
Then peel the paper off, this can be done when it’s either hot or cold.


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