Sublimation papers

The paper for transferring sublimation printing onto t-shirts and textiles. Sublimation transfer paper in different formats In CPL Fabbrika you can buy everything you need for sublimation printing, not only the modern sublimation printers, but also the necessary sublimation paper, which you can find on offer in the most used formats. The sublimation paper is the ideal support for those who need to print with the sublimation method, for example on fabrics, to be used exclusively with sublimation ink, which you can find in our ecommerce for the main printer brands. Once you have printed the desired image on your sublimation paper, you can heat transfer it directly onto the chosen fabric using a classic pneumatic or manual heat press. Due to the effect of heat, the image printed on the sublimation paper will be permanently transferred to the fabric and fixed to its fibres. In our online shop you can buy A4 sublimation paper on offer, the typical format of classic home printers, and you can use it not only on fabrics, but also on hard surfaces such as plastic and ceramics, to create personalised objects of all kinds. Also present in the catalogue is A3 sublimation paper, to be used for sublimation prints on polyester fabrics. In fact, for fabrics that are not synthetic, the specific sublimation paper for cotton must be used. The sheets for sublimation printing are perfect both for heat transfer and for baking in sublimation ovens, and you’ll find them in the dedicated section in economy packs of one hundred and ten sheets each. Enter the CPLFabbrika store and take advantage of the online sale of sublimation paper at discounted prices, a unique offer for your best customisations.

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