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Ovens and Dryers

Ovens for firing screen printing inks. Dryers for drying prints.

Dryers and Screen Printing Ovens

In this section of our online shop we offer a selection of screen printing equipment that is very useful, if not essential for your work, and that will be able to help you with your creations. These are the screen printing oven and the screen printing dryer, two pieces of equipment that may have the same function but with substantial differences, the screen printing dryer for example is a typical tool in the laboratories that allows us to keep the printed pieces well positioned for the time it takes to dry the screen printing inks, after which they can be withdrawn, folded and packaged. When screen printing in different colours, screen dryers allow you to place the pieces between colours and take up little space. The screen printing dryers we offer have 50 shelves that rotate upwards in a book-like opening. They have four wheels for easy transport and can withstand temperatures of up to 150°C, so they can also be used inside large screen printing ovens.

The screen printing oven allows you, thanks to the high temperatures it reaches, to dry the fabrics of classic T-shirt printing very quickly. The oven is necessary if we have used inks in our screen printing process that need these high temperatures to polymerise and stabilise. In our shop you will find screen printing ovens that will allow you to speed up your production and achieve fantastic results, starting with small ovens that are suitable for non-industrial electrical systems but can dry over 100 t-shirts/hour with low energy consumption. Enter our ecommerce where you will find the screen printing oven or screen printing dryers you need for your workshop, choose the most suitable model and buy it from us at unbeatable prices, and all in just a few clicks.