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Round printing for giftware

Printing machines for screen printing in the round on objects.

Round Screen Printing Machine

On CPL Fabbrika you will find at your complete disposal a wide range of products suitable for screen printing and printing on any type of object or material at the lowest prices on the market. The screen printing machine for round printing offers you the possibility to print on any type of neutral object for screen printing with a circular shape, from the smallest items such as a pen up to larger objects such as a bottle, with a printing area of 20 x 25 cm. The cylindrical screen printing machine allows you to customise any round object with a logo, lettering and characters, making any accessory, from table clocks to lighters, unique with your company name.

The main advantages of the cylindrical printing machine are its small size and the precision of execution driven by the synchronised rotation of the piece as a result of the motion entirely controlled by the frame. This type of equipment differs from more advanced screen printing machines, such as automatic carousels, in that it uses special screen printing inks, which are not used in screen printing round robin machines. Round screen printing machines are an important, very useful item to have available along with various other screen printing workshop equipment ideal for your professional work, for which you will receive constant assistance. This type of machine is perfect for creating customisations on circular objects that can also be combined with others made with other particular machines, such as the automatic flatbed printer, a professional machine with a great yield and a large surface. Visit our online store to find the best round screen printing machines, on offer at great prices.