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Empty jars for ink

Empty jars for transferring and storing screen printing ink. Available in 0.5, 1 and 5 kg sizes.

Empty jars for Screen Printing Inks

In the world of small equipment, the cans for screen printing inks play a central role in ensuring a clean and continuous work when dealing with screen printing frames and now you can find them on sale and on offer in the online catalogue of CPLFabbrika. They are sold without any external design and without any writing so that everyone can customize their empty screen printing ink cans in any way, with the name of the colour it contains, its formula, its most important features or simply an example of the colour both on the cap and on the side, for this reason it would be important to have a stock always ready to use. Empty cans for screen printing inks can vary in capacity and can be used to mix together various ready-to-use water-based inks or Plastisol inks to achieve original and sophisticated tones and print effects, formulations that need to be stored away from direct sunlight or moisture.

When it comes to precision work such as printing on textiles, the screen ink can plays a very important role in dosing the colours to be used, keeping them fresh, separate and above all protected from contamination by dust or other colours. The jars for screen printing inks are useful both before and after printing, in fact it is possible that at the end of the process some unused colour remains, which can be collected with the special ink spatulas and put back into the container, taking care to close it with the special sealing cap to prevent the evaporation of water or solvent in general. Visit our catalogue and discover the convenience of discounted prices of screen printing ink cans for sale online on CPLFabbrika, a resource always ready to assist you in your activities and passions.