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Measurement Items and Products
  1. Measurement Items and Products
  2. Various accessories for screen printing

Measurement Items and Products

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Useful accessories for carrying out different types of measurements in the screen printing field. The tensiometer, the exposure calculator for frames and the infrared thermometer.

Screen Printing Accessories for Precision Measurement

CPLFabbrika offers a wide range of accessories for screen printing laboratories, quality products ideal for making every step of the screen printing customization work even easier, among which you will also find many items and accessories for precision measurement. By purchasing our screen printing accessories for precision measurement you will be able to carry out every detail of screen printing frame processing, keep the temperature under control at all times, measure the degree of tension of the screen printing frame, and even calculate the ideal time for its exposure. You can do all this and more with optimal performance instruments such as the battery-operated infrared thermometer, which allows you to know the processing temperature without coming into the slightest contact with the surface to be checked. You will have information on the temperature directly at a distance by pointing it at the surface and pulling the trigger, with the measurement taken appearing on the display, a convenient and above all useful accessory that does not interfere in any way with your work.

Another accessory for measuring in the screen printing field that you can buy in our online store is the analogue tensiometer, a precision instrument that gives us an exact estimate of the tension to which the fabric is subjected for screen printing. With this instrument we can be sure that we are using the right tension, and that we are getting the best possible result from our printing. The exposure calculator for screen printing frames is also very useful for calculating exactly how long the exposure time of a specific frame should be. Its operation is simple, it reacts exactly like a screen printing film, the ones used for engraving, it can be used countless times for different processes, and each time it allows us to obtain an exact calculation of the length of exposure of the frames, and therefore to be able to work in the best autonomy. Discover the convenience of CPLFabbrika and buy the accessories for precision screen printing, a complete offer at discounted prices ideal for all your needs.