Manual Screen Printing Carousels

Manual carousels for multi-colour screen printing. Manual carousel for multi-colour screen printing In CPLFabbrika’s extensive catalogue you will find a complete selection of manual carousels for your screen printing workshop. The manual screen printing carousel allows you to create an important variety of screen printing jobs, and to speed up the printing process, thus achieving a higher production in the most convenient and fast way. Its use in your workshop will facilitate the production of your jobs, and will also guarantee maximum precision for items with polychrome overlays, using multiple screen printing inks. In fact, a manual screen printing carousel is a very effective tool for producing highly accurate screen prints with various colours, thanks to the micro-adjustments that can be adjusted with a high-precision viewfinder in some models. The models of carousel for manual serigraphy that we present to you can also be used to make monochrome prints, you just need to greatly increase the number of printed units with the intervention of at least two people, or with a reduced number of colours and two counters at the same time. Our online sale of manual screen printing carousels includes models with up to eight stations, allowing you to do the most meticulous screen printing jobs. The models of this screen printing equipment that we offer are very robust, created to easily withstand continuous use over time, and have all the features to make their use as easy as possible, with multiple adjustment possibilities. With a maximum width of 68cm of the screen printing frame for example, the maximum print size 50×70 is suitable for most jobs such as printing on neutral t-shirts. Enter our online shop now, choose the ideal manual carousel for your screen printing business and carry out any type of job you want, at CPLFabbrika you can buy it at the best market prices.

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