Pneumatic Heat Presses

All pneumatic heat presses for transfer, screen, digital or sublimation printing. Complete your printing lab. Pneumatic heat press In CPL Fabbrika’s online catalogue you can find everything you need to professionally print any image or text through the use of high-level machines and articles that guarantee top quality performance, such as pneumatic heat presses that offer the possibility to print at high temperatures. Pneumatic heat presses differ from other sublimation printing equipment, such as printers, because of the excellent quality they provide and the large working space that facilitates the positioning of the media on which the transfer is to be made. The first step is to transfer the original design onto the sublimation paper and then, thanks to the pneumatic heat press and special inks for sublimation, it will be possible to have a perfect transfer of the print from the paper to the fabric. To speed up the creation of images suitable for transfer onto T-shirts and much more, it is also useful to use one of the many sublimation printing accessories, such as the sprays that make it possible to print on unsuitable substrates or with different characteristics using the pneumatic heat press. The materials used in these systems are of the highest quality and guarantee excellent performance, also thanks to the use of LCD displays that allow easy management. The pneumatic heat presses in my catalogue include models with different sizes and characteristics, from those with side opening to those for large-scale production with a working space of up to 100 cm x 120 cm. Different operating modes are available, both in the manual and automatic models, but always in the utmost safety with an even distribution of the temperature over the entire surface thanks to the useful 2 plates. Enter the CPLFabbrica online store now, discover the advantageous offers and look for the pneumatic heat-press that best suits your needs at the best prices in its category.

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