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Films for laser printers

Double Matt polyester sheets, suitable for screen printing films with laser printers. Choose the format of the sheet.

Double Matt Polyester for Laser Printers

CPL Fabbrika's store offers you the best solutions for your screen printing jobs. In addition to providing a film printing service, you will also find everything you need to carry out your jobs in perfect autonomy, including a wide range of screen printing films, among which bi-coloured polyester is also available on offer. In contrast to films for inkjet printers, the matt surface of these special films is perfect for use with a classic laser printer, offering a print result of excellent quality, which will satisfy every need. In fact, the films for laser printers are made of transparent polyester, a material that interacts perfectly with the toner, retaining it and producing the best possible print, immediately ready to have the screen printing matrix for engraving the frame. All this also translates into better definition of the print, given that the toner takes root better, and therefore also into better definition of the customisation to be obtained.

Particularly suitable for thin prints, the classic screen printing film for laser printers guarantees the best dimensional stability, making it the ideal choice for precision work. You can find it on offer in our online store in different versions, for example in different print formats both in A4 and A3, but also in the practical 100-sheet pack with a thickness of 90 microns, perfect for all kinds of screen printing. Different from the classic glossy paper, the bimattatto polyester stands out for its versatility of use, which for a slightly higher cost is able to guarantee excellent results that could not be achieved with other types of films normally used with the classic printers that can be found even at home. Discover the convenience of CPLFabbrika's prices and buy now the screen printing films for laser printers for sale online, take advantage of our best offer to make your prints perfect for any kind of customization you want to do.