Inks for Epson and Oki printers

Cartridges for Epson inkjet and toner cartridges and drums for Oki laser printers. Epson and Oki Printer Inks On CPL Fabbrika’s store you can find the ink for Epson and Oki printers on sale online, essential to use these items for transfer and for customising various types of objects. The cartridges in the catalogue are fully compatible with the digital transfer printers of the best brands for graphics, and provide you with a set of black, yellow, cyan and magenta ideal for obtaining any colour shade. The inks for Epson and Oki printers are designed to be applied on different types of media, from transfer paper for hard surfaces to classic paper for clothing and clothing fabrics to customise, passing through glossy models capable of highlighting the full brilliance of these colours. The ink for Epson and Oki printers is a fundamental element for your graphics workshop, to be always at hand to have the raw material to colour and customise merchandising of all kinds. Whether you have professional printers for your business or prefer to use one of our complete digital transfer kits, perfect for starting to customise neutral transfer clothing immediately using the printer, paper and press to apply the graphics. The inks produced by Epson and Oki are ideal for neutral transfer clothing as they have exceptional fabric properties such as fade and moisture resistance. A recommended purchase if you want to produce excellent quality merchandise and gifts, taking advantage of the top of the range offerings in the industry. Choose the quality of Epson and Oki cartridges and ink sets and turn to the experience of the staff of CPL Fabbrika to discover the best prices and accessories for your transfer printing business.

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