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Accessories for transfer paper

Accessories for transfer paper: spatulas, mats and tissue paper for transferring printed images. Plus protectors and primers for laser transfer paper, to protect and facilitate the print.

Accessories for transfer paper

On CPLFabbrika you can buy all the best equipment for transfer printing, but not only, in fact, our catalogue also includes all the accessories needed for a perfect and precise printing process, high quality products for sale online at special prices, such as our accessories for transfer paper, ideal for any screen printing transfer. All our transfer paper accessories are useful to successfully complete the delicate process of transferring the printed image onto the target surface, from fabric to hard surfaces in general. There is an interesting range of products that allow the perfect use of transfer paper with a pneumatic or manual heat press, the self-adhesive tissue for example, which protects the print during hot pressing, and also the felt mat that absorbs moisture from fabrics, allowing the perfect transfer of the image without any smearing.

Among the various transfer paper accessories, there is also the handy rubber squeegee that is perfectly suited for the best use of transfer papers for decals, while the felt squeegee is the ideal choice for spreading the transparent protective film for aluminium surfaces. In our transfer paper accessories catalogue you will also find a wide range of silicone mats for heat presses, all with different thicknesses and sizes to suit different needs, and which can be used with the most varied transfer printable surfaces. Thanks to our best offers you will be able to create your own personalisation by purchasing professional quality products at a low and convenient cost. Do not wait any longer and enter the online store of CPLFabbrika, discover all the transfer paper accessories on sale at the best prices on the web and take advantage of this exceptional offer to give free rein to your creative imagination.