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Application tape and self-adhesive Masking paper

Rolls of application tape to facilitate the application of self-adhesive vinyl, and self-adhesive masking paper.

Application tape and self-adhesive Masking paper

The application of designs and decals to be used on fabrics and surfaces is usually carried out with the help of special transparent films or tapes known as self-adhesive application tape and mask for sale online on CPLFabbrika and available at a very special price. Carved decals made of self-adhesive vinyl can be used in a particularly simple way with the help of self-adhesive application tape and mask, which offer an accurate grip and guarantee perfect positioning. The application tapes are supplied in rolls of varying sizes suitable for use in workshops with small, medium and even large productions. They are practically adaptable and universal thanks to certain vinyl accessories such as the metal dispenser, which, thanks to two small rollers, can support the weight of the rolls and allow the film to be slid and cut quickly and easily. Available in various thicknesses and widths, the application tape is designed to offer remarkable ease of application on various types of product, elements processed using the cutting plotter and able to transform the surface where they will be fixed with an image, a logo or writing.

Cold-processed, thanks to its strong grip characteristics, the self-adhesive mask can be simply applied to any surface quickly and conveniently, allowing subsequent masking thanks to its waterproof qualities and unrivalled versatility. Particularly suitable for use as a sandblasting mask, the self-adhesive mask's light green, semi-transparent colouring ensures high visibility during this type of work. This is why self-adhesive application tapes and masks are essential tools for all those workshops that deal with the customisation of neutral clothing and bags and need products with professional characteristics that allow perfect results to be achieved quickly. Don't miss out on the best offers on self-adhesive masks and application tapes for sale online on CPLFabbrika at incredible prices and discover a rich catalogue of products from the best brands.