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Products for processing screen printing frames

calcolatore di esposizione per telai serigrafici Sale
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All the products you need for preparing, emulsifying, exposing and cleaning screenprinting screens.

Products for processing screen printing screens

There are many operations to be done with screen printing frames, from stretching to recovery, on CPLFabbrika you will find all the most suitable products to make your frame ready for use, but also to recover it after intensive use, a wide range of solutions ideal for every eventuality. We start with the most classic screen-printing emulsions, available in the different most used versions, from the universal ones to the specific ones for water or solvent-based inks, perfect both for amateur and professional use. For the application of gelatine or emulsions there are practical trays available, made of aluminium and available in different sizes according to requirements. If you need to recover a frame, we offer the most suitable products, from liquid removers with sprayer to highly effective powders, which will give you back a practically new accessory ready to be reused in the most appropriate way, to be purchased together with the specific washing tubs complete with tap and drain shower.

All the accessories useful for perfect stretching are certainly excellent for working on screen printing frames, such as glue for screen printing frames, for example, which can glue the fabric onto any type of material, from wood to steel, from iron to aluminium, and is solvent and heat resistant. The catalogue also includes the canvas for stretching, which you can find in both steel and polyester, as well as the tensioners and fabric grippers, a complete range of quality accessories for professional work. For drying and engraving the frame, you will certainly not be able to do without the display units and the bromograph, which are also available in the version with a vacuum bag that creates perfect adhesion between the film and the frame itself. Only in the CPLFabbrika store you will find on offer everything you need for screen printing frames, many products for sale online and available at exceptional and discounted prices, the convenient and economical choice to have the best quality of workmanship.