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strippaggio emulsione serigrafia

Liquid Emulsion Stripping - 1 Liter

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Product suitable for emulsion stripping.

Particularly suitable for the QLT emulsion.

Useful packaging to obtain 5 liters of product (dilution: 1 + 4).
If used with a pressure washer, 10 liters of product are obtained (diution: 1 + 9).

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Product for the recovery of screen printing frames and for stripping - Concentrated Solution in packs of 1 LT.

This product is particularly suitable for cleaning the screen printing frame from QLT Emulsion.

Average dilution 1: 4.
or 1: 9 dilution if using the pressure washer.

How to use the product: spread the liquid on the screen printing frame using a sponge. You have to be careful and arrange the frame horizontally. At this point, the stripping liquid is left to act for two minutes and no more. Finally, proceed with rinsing with a strong jet of water, or with a pressure washer.
In this way the gelatine is dissolved and the screen printing frame is ready for a new use.

Download Technical Sheet here>>

Strip concentrated solution for stripping is the ideal product to obtain 5 Lt of ready-to-use product. Or, if you use the pressure washer, this package is useful for obtaining 10 Lt of product.

Here are our tips for a correct use of stripping:

- Remove any ink residue from the screen printing frame
- Spread the stripping on the screen printing frame, taking care to keep the screen printing frame in a horizontal position and not to let the stripping liquid dry on the canvas
- Using a pressure washer or a simple garden pump, remove the emulsion from the screen printing frame, taking care to clean all the meshes.
- Repeat this for once or twice.
- To wash the frame correctly, proceed from the bottom upwards with the water jet.


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Questions on Liquid Emulsion Stripping - 1 Liter
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  • Question di Bettany, il 8/2/2021 2:46 PM
    • I have a problem when cleaning emulsion from a screen printing frame (72T), I can't completely get rid of the emulsion. Which product can I use to solve the problem?
    • When reclaiming screen printing frames using strippers, we need to remember a few important rules:

      - it's almost never possible to completely remove all the emulsion with just one clean, very often it's necessary to repeat the process on some areas where the emulsion remains

      - spraying highly pressurised water can sometimes make the cleaning process easier

      - never allow the stripper to dry on the mesh, otherwise the emulsion will be bound to the screen for good

      - some emulsions and strippers are more or less compatible with each other, making cleaning more or less difficult.

      In general, the stripper that's suitable for the widest range of applications is the Quasar Liquid Emulsion Stripper.
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