Water-based screen printing inks

Water-based inks for screen printing T-shirts. Air dry. Also in 0.5 kg economy pack. Water-based screen printing inks On visiting the CPLFabbrika online store you’ll find a comprehensive range of screen printing products to choose from so as to ensure you have everything you need to achieve precision, high quality prints. In this section you’ll find the best selection of water-based screen printing inks to give you the best possible results, every single time. Available in a wide range of colours, including metallic effects, in particular gold and silver. The water-based screen printing inks are manufactured to be immediately ready to use. The incredible versatility of the water-based screen printing inks, as well as their wide range of applications with screens for printing on natural fabrics or paper, make them a much sought after product in our online store. Of the water-based screen printing inks available in our store, the Texprint range by Amex is well worth a mention. These inks can be combined to obtain the desired colour or you can add colourings or natural pigments to the clear flat bases.This screen printing ink is very light and wash resistant even without high temperature treatment, making it particularly ideal for synthetic fabrics such as polyester and acrylic, materials which are unable to withstand high temperature treatment. Water-based screen printing ink offers excellent results even on dark backgrounds: in this case we advise that you use a screen with the appropriate mesh count and thickness. The same applies when working with irregular and thick fabrics, in such cases the squeegee should be chosen carefully as it needs to be quite soft. Visit our online store where you’ll be able to purchase a wide range of water-based screen printing inks from our extensive catalogue at excellent prices, enabling you to produce top quality screen prints.

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