Automatic Screen Printing Carousels

Automatic carousels for multi-colour screen printing. Automatic screen printing carousel If you want to optimize the work of screen printing in your laboratory, choosing an automatic screen printing carousel is the best decision, so CPL Frabbrika presents a wide range where you can find the perfect model for your business. The automatic screen printing carousel will allow you to quickly carry out printing jobs in various colours, with a precision that would be difficult to achieve by using other methods. Its pneumatically rotating operation allows for continuous and convenient work, which drastically reduces the time it takes to make prints. The various micro-adjustments of this screen printing equipment will allow you to carry out all kinds of print jobs with great detail. In the most advanced automatic screen printing carousels it is also possible to adjust, individually for each station, the support pressure, the screen printing squeegee speed and the ink flow. These settings facilitate the use of special inks that require high sensitivity and accuracy in their application. Among the automatic carousel models in our online showcase you will find machines of the highest standard of quality, robust and durable. In terms of performance, we have models with up to ten stations for working with screen printing inks in up to eight colours simultaneously. Just like manual carousels, the automatic screen printing carousel is therefore an indispensable piece of equipment for screen printing workshops that want to excel in quality, but above all need to offer fast response times to their customers. Check out our range of automatic carousels, examine the different models we present, and select the one that best suits your needs, which you can buy from the CPL Fabbrika showcase at very affordable prices.

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