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Heat Presses

All manual heat presses to make transfer, screen or digital prints and complete the screen printing workshop. Heat Presses In CPL Fabbrika’s online shop you can find all the equipment and accessories for hot stamping on t-shirts, starting with our heat presses, available in both the classic manual and pneumatic versions. With our equipment you can customise not only t-shirts, but also the practical heat press for hats, with which you can create personal and inimitable hats. In order to transfer the designs onto the chosen garments using the heat press, you first need the appropriate transfer paper, on which to print the design with a classic laser or ink jet printer, which can then be transferred using the heat press. With the use of one of our heat presses, it is also possible to create splendid sports t-shirts. Thanks to heat-sealable vinyl, you can permanently transfer the numbers onto the t-shirts, after having previously cut them out, an operation for which you need a cutting plotter. As mentioned above, in addition to the classic manual heat press, you can also buy the pneumatic heat press, ideal for large transfer prints and for professional use. Discover all the offers that CPLFabbrika has reserved for the purchase of a manual or pneumatic heat press, take advantage of our online sale at low prices to start hot printing your customised T-shirts.

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