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Accessories for Tampography

Useful accessories for those who print in tampography.


Tampography accessories

CPLFabbrika offers you a wide range of products ideal for the realization of all kinds of screen printing techniques, in this section you will find some of the most useful accessories for pad printing, which in addition to the classic printing pad and the necessary pad printing plate, also uses other resources. in order to be realized. We are talking, for example, of the modeling paste for pad printing, to be worked with the hands, and which, once ready, gives us the mold of the desired object in a few minutes. In this case, one of the most used accessories for pad printing is certainly the catalyst for modeling paste, which hardens quickly for an excellent and effective yield. All our pad printing accessories are available with discounts applied to the starting price, so you can have savings and quality combined.

As an alternative to modeling clay, among our accessories for pad printing you will also find the powder to make the casts to be used in pad printing, which with the addition of simple water becomes a soft modeling mixture, which you can then use to obtain the desired mold. In order to easily dry small objects obtained with the pad printing machine, among the various pad printing accessories there is also the conveyor belt designed for the insertion of two drying hair dryers, with the possibility of adjusting the speed of the belt. By purchasing pad printing accessories you can therefore easily complete your smallest work. Discover all our best offers and immediately buy pad printing accessories for sale online at low prices, you will have everything you need with the best possible convenience.