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Mats and accessories

Mats and accessories

A complete range of additional and replacement accessories, plates and quick-release holders for manual and pneumatic heat presses.

Mats and Accessories for Transfer Printing Presses

CPL Fabbrika, leader in the sector of supplying products for screen printing and printing, offers its customers a wide range of mats and accessories for transfer printing heat presses for sale online at an unbeatable price and with the advantage of having a high quality professional product. Mats for heat press transfer printing are available in different models, each of which has its own peculiarities and adapts differently to the material to be processed and to which it must give support. The transfer printing mats and accessories in the special silicone variant are very popular for use with Secabo manual heat presses as well as for use with the automatic models. This is mainly due to their important features and versatility for use on sensitive materials, as they preserve the surface and compensate for unevenness.

For laboratories working with Secabo heat press plates and with large production volumes, for which a manual machine is not sufficient, our store offers accessories for heat presses for transfer printing made of rubber or polyester, capable of solving the problem of finding the right thickness during the delicate daily work. Among the other accessories for heat presses that are in great demand in our section for transfer printing, we would like to point out the laser pointer, a very useful item for precision work that is capable of centering movements on the plane to the millimeter through the use of neutral material. Discover the offers of the online store of CPLFabbrika dedicated to the world of transfer printing equipment, find out the different sizes of heat press mats and accessories indicated in the description of the items on our website. Buy heat press transfer printing mats and accessories online at competitive prices, trust a quality supplier for your product selection.