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Non-stretched screenprinting frames
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  2. Non-stretched screenprinting frames

Non-stretched screenprinting frames

Non-stretched screenprinting frames in a variety of materials. Choose the dimensions.

Non-stretched screen printing frames

CPL Fabbrika offers you a wide range of screen printing frames, stretched and ready to use, but if you want to create your own printing frame, then you can certainly buy our unstretched screen printing frames, ideal for stretching the fabric to be printed as you like. The unstretched screen printing frame is available in two main profiles, the more classic wooden profile, where the fabric for the frame creation can be stretched and then secured with a classic table stapler, and the metal profile, which is certainly sturdy and very resistant to wear and tear and use over time. Our screen printing frames are ideal for stretching the fabric on which the print is to be made, thus allowing the screen printing ink to be applied to the frame in the best possible way, and obtaining a practically perfect result in the end.

The screen printing frame made with the use of untensioned frames for screen printing can be seen as an extra personal touch, a way of making our work totally personalised, from the creation of the work base to the actual screen printing. Once the frame has been created and stretched over the most suitable screen printing frame, a simple screen printing squeegee can be used to apply the ink, the ideal tool for achieving a totally uniform colour. You can choose your frame for screen printing frames without screen printing stencils from the different sizes available in our showcase, from small sizes to larger models, depending on the machinery to be used, in different wood or metal profiles. Enter CPLFabbrika's online shop and look for your unstretched screen printing frame for sale at a low price, a unique offer designed just for you.