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Vastex Entry Level Modular Carousels

Vastex manual rides and benches. Modular, expandable, made in the USA.

Vastex Entry Level Modular Screen Printing Carousels

If you want to expand your range of services to the possibility of creating t-shirts with customizations of your choice, CPLFabbrika offers a range of suitable tools, such as the modular Vastex entry level screen printing carousels, ideal for starting your business without too high initial costs. Everything you need to get started can be found in our online catalogue, from the simplest manual screen printing bench to the modern Vastex entry level carousel, top quality screen printing equipment that can be adapted to any type of need. Our machines are made of the highest quality materials, which allows them to be used over the long term, and therefore high production over time. These materials make our machines ideal for both small and large printers. Our entry level Vastex carousels are available in different model variants, for example with a variable number of printing decks, which will allow you to produce various designs almost at the same time, as is the case with t-shirt printing machines, screen printing machines that have more or fewer colours available to allow you to produce more varied and special prints.

As in the case of the manual screen printing carousel, you can also choose from models with a reduced number of worktops, but with the possibility of increasing the number of colour variations available. The quality of our machines is also guaranteed by the possibility, in some models, of having removable worktops, with micrometric adjustments for the best printing quality, which in some cases becomes very similar to that of the Vastex premium screen printing carousels, the brand's flagship models. Modifications and additions are also possible thanks to the other matching or replaceable accessories present, such as worktops, tables, print heads or other useful elements to improve performance. Discover the quality of CPLFabbrika's products, buy one of the modular Vastex screen printing carousels for sale online at a discounted price, the most suitable offer for all your production needs.