Ink spatulas

Scrapers for working with ink. They are made of stainless steel, straight or rounded. Screenprinting Spatulas If you are looking for the right accessories for the creation of custom gadgets and screen prints, on CPLFabbrika you can find everything you need, such as the useful models of screen printing spatula for sale online, ideal for mixing and spreading screen printing inks on any type of support, but not only. In fact, screen printing squeegees are also perfect for removing excess product at the end of the print, and are characterised by a specific design that facilitates this type of use, such as the particular “knee” shape, useful for collecting the ink at the end of the print. The more straightforward-looking models are useful for mixing the various shades or for dilution, as once they have been poured into empty ink cans, the perfect consistency must be achieved, which ensures the best possible printing. Our serigraphy spatulas are made of the best materials, stainless steel for the blade, which makes it particularly resistant to corrosion, and plastic materials for the handles, which are of the highest ergonomics for their comfortable use. Thanks to these characteristics, they can also be easily cleaned, using specific products such as screen printing solvents, which are also useful during other printing phases such as cleaning the screen printing frames on which the products to be printed are placed. The size of the screen printing spatula varies depending on the intended use, ranging from a width of 3 cm, wide enough to mix the best, but also not to strain the wrist, up to a maximum length of 21 cm, excellent compromise between the amount of material mixed and energy needed. Check out CPLFabbrika’s online catalogue now and look for the screen printing spatulas on offer that best suit your needs, discover the sale at discounted prices and make your printing operations even easier and faster with our high quality products.

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