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Washout booths and deep tanks

Washout booths for preparing exposed screen printing frames. With or without backlight.

Washout booths and deep tanks for screen printing

All the tools for screen printing and development can be found in the online catalogue of CPLFabbrika, which also includes a wide range of washing tanks for screen printing, perfect for use in screen printing workshops of various sizes, and suitable for removing ink residues due to the various stages of printing. Our screen printing washing tanks are a useful and necessary tool for the finalisation of high quality prints, such as those on T-shirts or other similar products, when the images to be printed are transferred onto the various media using stretched frames and manual heat presses. The screen printing washing tank is a tool to be installed in your printing area, perhaps near the manual carousels that will be used, to avoid wasting time during the activities. The various models are available both with and without a backlit display, to be purchased according to your needs.

Also useful is the coupling with purification plants, which collect used water in the tanks and treat it for subsequent reuse. Each model is made from the best materials on the market, guaranteeing maximum resistance even in the event of intensive use, for example some are in acid-proof PVC. Equipped with excellent ergonomics, the screen-printing washing tubs are fitted with side and front splash guards, complete with shower tap and drain so as to make the whole frame washing operation extremely simple. Some models are also supplied with a shelf, and the possibility of adjusting its inclination with some screw feet, so they can easily adapt to any type of need. Discover the quality of CPLFabbrika's offers, buy the screen printing tub for washing and developing online at discounted prices, you can make your screen prints perfect with an unparalleled convenience.