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Solvents and Openers
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Solvents and Openers

Solvents for cleaning ink residues from the loom. Stitch openers to reopen clogged links in the loom.

Solvents and Openers for Screen Printing

In CPLFabbrika's store you have the possibility to buy high quality screen printing chemicals on offer, ideal for screen printing frames, first choice products such as our screen printing solvents and screen printing openers, which allow you to work at your best in any condition and always obtain the best possible result. The screen printing solvent we offer is suitable for solving any type of situation, for example when printing with several colours it is necessary to work wet on wet, in this case it is useful to have the release spray available to be sprayed on the side dedicated to printing the screen printing frame. The mesh opener, on the other hand, is useful to be able to resume work when the screen printing ink starts to dry on the mesh of the frame, in this case just use the spray that helps to dissolve the ink and allows you to bring the printing process back to full speed. With our screen printing solvents, you can complete your print jobs quickly and smoothly, but that's not all.

At the end of each print job, it is certainly necessary to clean the frame to bring it back to its original condition, and then start again with a new operation. In order to do this, you will find in our catalogue screen printing frame solvent, which quickly dissolves all traces of ink on the frame, allowing it to be thoroughly cleaned, so that it is immediately ready for a new print or to be archived. The frame cleaning solvent is also available in a completely odourless version, in accordance with the regulations for a safe and reliable product. Screen printing primers and solvents are indispensable in order to always work in the best possible conditions, and to have all equipment clean and ready for any eventuality. Discover all the offers that CPLFabbrika has reserved for you in its online store, browse the catalogue and find the screen printing solvent on sale at a discounted price, the best solution for quality prints.