Sublimation accessories

Useful accessories for sublimation printing. Sublimation Printing Accessories CPL Fabbrika’s store provides you with all the sublimation equipment, essential and perfect to create unique and high quality prints, high-level products available at affordable prices, such as accessories for sublimation printing, different and varied, from cleaning kits to sprays, from bands to ribbons. All sublimation printing accessories are designed to offer maximum performance, to give you the possibility of having a workshop that is always professional and full of elements such as sublimation papers, capable of saving you time and money without sacrificing level profiles and precision, for the creation of exclusive articles that will leave all your customers satisfied. The dye sublimation printing accessories in the store are suitable for use with any manual heat press, such as the heat resistant gold ribbon, ideal for fixing prints to be transferred by machine. Among the various accessories for sublimation printing that are very useful for combating residues of sublimation inks, there is the handy cleaning kit for jet printers, consisting of a bottle with cleaning liquid, the syringe for application to the heads and the reset for the cartridges. Also of high quality are the sprays for the various materials among the various types of sublimation printing accessories, indispensable for treating all products not made of polyester or treated, such as metal, glass, wood or ceramics. They are present in the catalogue in both the white and translucent models and must be applied in a heterogeneous manner to obtain jobs with unique characteristics. Enter the CPLFabbrika’s store now and discover all the accessories for sublimation printing available online with advantageous offers, ideal to have an up-to-date laboratory and perfect to complete your activity with quality articles at discounted prices among the best on the market and on the web.

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