Transfer for screen printing

Everything you need to make prints with the screen printing transfer technique. The silicone paper and the adhesive powder.   Accessories for screen printing transfers On CPLFabbrika you will have the opportunity to buy on offer everything you need to create a perfect screen printing transfer, the transfer printing technique that allows you to have more than one color prints on the t-shirts. Thanks to the use of a particular transfer paper, specifically the silicone transfer paper for sale in our online shop, you can easily create your personalized t-shirt, taking advantage of all the peculiarities of screen printing transfers. In order to have a greater effectiveness of the transfer of the image on the paper it is also necessary to have our plastic adhesive powder, available in the catalog. With the help of the specific silicone transfer paper and the adhesive powder you can create your best customizations. However, in order to perform your screen printing transfer in the best possible way you will also need to equip yourself with the appropriate equipment, a perfect kit for printing on T-shirts with which to carry out your works. The screen printing kit you need consists of a manual bench for t-shirts, a manual heat press, and finally an economical dryer. Inside CPLFabbrika you will find everything you need for screen printing transfers at a truly competitive price, a fantastic online sale of accessories for screen printing transfers that you cannot miss.

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