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Heat-sealable vinyl carving service

Heat-sealable vinyl cutting service from your file.

Heat-sealable Vinyl Cutting Service

The heat-sealable vinyl cutting service is designed for those who want to customise and create various types of company merchandising and do not have a cutting plotter to create the graphics to be applied. You can contact the experts at CPLFabbrika and request a vinyl heat-sealable cutting plotter directly on the website to receive everything you need ready to be printed directly at home. Access the portal and send us the image of the design you want to create, choosing the type of vinyl from square or rectangular templates of different sizes. Use the .eps, .ai or .pdf formats and vector images to obtain an image of the final high-definition result. Specify the most suitable colour and type of heat-sealable vinyl you need for printing, and in a few days you will have an item ready for screen-printing with the heat press.

Plotter heat-sealable vinyl cutting guarantees an impeccable result, and is the ideal choice for taking advantage of our experience to obtain high fidelity graphics and designs for customising clothing, bags and various types of fabric items. If, on the other hand, you need to customise sports T-Shirts for a football or basketball team with letters and numbers, you can directly use the heat-sealable numbers for T-shirts, prepared ad hoc by our staff to meet all your requirements, thanks to the wide range of fonts and colours in our workshop. Access the catalogue and request the heat-sealable vinyl cutting service or purchase a cutting plotter kit directly, equipped with everything you need to make the prints you need. Take advantage of our prices and explore the world of graphics and printing with high quality tools and services, suitable for professionals and amateurs.