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All chemicals for screen printing. Thinners, solvents, spray glue and openers. Screen Printing Chemicals For the best performance of your screen prints, CPLFabbrika offers a wide range of chemical products for screen printing, ideal for working with frames, inks and printing media, so that the best final result is always guaranteed, quality products and accessories to be used both at professional and amateur level. For example, it can often happen that when screen-printing a T-shirt, the T-shirt tends to stick to the frame. Thanks to screen-printing table glue, however, it is possible to ensure that the fabric adheres directly to the printing table instead of the frame, thus obtaining a high-quality product. Another screen-printing chemical that allows the best processing on the frames is the screen-opener, which prevents the ink from solidifying on the frame, thus favouring the printing process. There is also a wide selection of screen printing solvents in the catalogue, from those specifically for cleaning frames to those useful for multi-colour printing, perfect for working in all conditions. Among the various screen-printing chemicals, there are also the thinners for screen-printing inks, available in the different versions usually found on the market, from slow-acting to fast-acting ones, as well as normal ones, a wide range of solutions that will fully satisfy all your needs. There is also an interesting range of adhesion promoters, particularly used with solvent inks, which allow perfect adhesion directly onto the surface to be printed, for a highly qualitative result and professional printing. All chemical products for screen printing can be purchased by taking advantage of the exceptional offers in our store, many special occasions for those who make screen printing their passion. Discover the online sale of chemical products for screen printing that CPLFabbrika has reserved for you, buy now at discounted prices everything you need for screen printing in the most convenient way and with high quality products.

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