Double Sliding Plate for TC7 for screen printing
497,50 + tax
606,95  tax incl.
Double Sliding Plate for TC5 for screenprinting
514,50 + tax
627,69  tax incl.
Quick Support for Additional Plates for TC5 for screenprinting
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242,78  tax incl.
Quick Support or Additional Plates for TC7 for screenprinting
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242,78  tax incl.
Plates and elements for Secabo heat presses

Supports and additional or replacement plates for Secabo heat presses. Supports and plates for Secabo heat presses For you who have a transfer printing workshop and are looking for professional products for your work, CPLFabbrika, leader in the screen printing and printing sector, offers you a wide range of plates and elements for Secabo heat presses for sale online in different sizes and at an exceptional price. Secabo plates and plates are used as a base where to put the product to be screen printed through the manual heat presses for transfer printing, able to perform any kind of operation with precision and available in different models ranging from those with side opening to the extra combo ones able to perform more jobs at the same time. A very popular item in our range of Secabo heat press plates and holders as well as transfer papers is the classic cup heating element, which ensures that the product reaches the right temperature before the lettering and logo are applied to the side. The Secabo heat press plate allows the product to be held in the right position before being printed by screen printing transfer and guarantees an excellent hold and professional quality heating. Each version is available in different shapes and sizes, some of which are shipped in just 24 hours, so you can find and have the right component for every job right away. The well-stocked Secabo heat press elements and plates section offers the very useful double plate adapters which make it easier to work with printer inks by customising several products one after the other, avoiding damage to the application surface and making work much faster. In the long run this means a significant increase in production and production quality, which for a laboratory means more customers and increased turnover. Discover our range of plates for Secabo heat presses for sale online, all available to replace a worn part or to be added to additional supports that can be purchased on CPLFabbrika at the lowest price and guaranteed.

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