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Glitter and Powders

Glitter and powders for glitter, silver, gold and pearlescent effects in screen printing.

Glitter and powders for Screen Printing

For your printing activity on CPLFabbrika you can find the best screen printing powders and glitters, ideal to give a special touch to the customizations you want to offer to your customers, who will surely be amazed by the excellent quality of the prints obtained. There are two different types of effects and their relative colour nuances in the catalogue, to be used together with screen printing inks to create splendid effects that you can print on all the various supports that can be used. Depending on the type of screen printing glitter chosen, you will need to spray the product onto the print using a stretched frame with a relatively low spinning, together with various types of ink suitable for this type of transfer. Also very interesting are creations made with screen printing powders, to be chosen from the various colours available and mixed together with the inks.

The colours available for both screen printing glitter and powders are those that will give you the best results, such as gold or silver, with which you can produce a large quantity of coloured pigment with just a few grams of product. It is important in these occasions to mix everything in the best possible way with the specific screen printing spatula, which will help you to obtain the necessary homogeneity, to be used in the prints by the screen printing heat presses, manual or automatic, which will conclude the printing activities. With our screen printing glitters you will be able to create wonderful prints to be used to customise T-shirts or other items of clothing, where the only limit is your imagination or that of your customers, resulting in a finished product that is always unique and special. Visiting CPLFabbrika's store you will have the opportunity to buy at very competitive prices screen printing glitters and powders for sale online and on offer, with which you can customise your printing activity in the best possible way.