Semi-automatic Screen Printing Press

Semi-automatic machines for screen printing on flat substrates and surfaces. Flatbed Semiautomatic Screen Printers The semi-automatic flat screen printing machines are part of the most extensive and articulated screen printing laboratory equipment that every professional in the sector can find on offer in the online showcase of CPLFabbrika. They can be used on flat surfaces such as boxes, but they do not stop even in front of spherical, cylindrical or conical surfaces and this makes them extremely versatile in their field of use. Unlike automatic flatbed screen printing machines, where for example the feeder procedure is fully automated, in semi-automatic machines this is still manual, although it guarantees extreme speed thanks to the other sequences, which will allow you to customise the many neutral printing media that lend themselves to this type of procedure, such as t-shirts, caps and bags. To avoid the mistakes and smudges that can be a feature of this type of operation, all the semi-automatic flatbed screen printers on sale online have non-contact limit switches that stop the movement of moving parts before collisions occur, thus avoiding even the slightest vibrations. The adjustments of the semi-automatic flat screen printing machine are strictly micrometric on the three axes, to ensure a precise and clean job for any surface to be treated such as fabrics of all kinds, plastics and wood. They are safe and reliable, the best choice when aiming for the highest quality. All the products on sale in this category are equipped with cutting-edge devices in the sector and differ from the automatic silk-screen printing carousels in that the latter use a rotary system and allow the use of different colours at each station, while in the semi-automatic ones it is possible to print on different shapes. Discover our online catalogue and choose CPLFabbrika’s offers, you will be able to carry out the most complex jobs with the reliability of our machines, specially selected to be always the best in their category at advantageous prices.

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