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Plastisol inks

Plastisol inks for screen printing on T-shirts and other items of clothing. Require high temperature drying. Special effects inks and eco-Plastisol inks.

Screenprinting Plastisol inks

CPL Fabbrika is specialized in the sale of high quality screen printing products, including screen printing inks, essential for printing your images on garments and various objects with the utmost precision, excellent accessories such as Plastisol inks, ideal for printing on fabrics. Plastisol ink adheres perfectly to the fabric, especially if it is baked in a screen printing oven at a very high temperature. It also allows the colour to be superimposed on the same area, creating so-called perfect thick prints, which is not possible with other types of ink. Plastisol not only allows you to screen print directly onto fabric, but you can also use it with transfer techniques. All you have to do is print on siliconised paper specifically for screen printing transfers, and once it is dry you can transfer it using a heat press.

Screen printing on T-shirts and T-shirts is really child's play with the use of Plastisol screen printing inks, which also allow you to always get excellent results, with the images printed that remain sharp and always intact even with the passage of time. The only thing to keep in mind is that, unlike other products such as water-based inks, or the modern Lumi Inkodye, Plastisol inks need to be baked in the screen printing oven at high temperature, so as to obtain a perfect drying on the fabric, while ensuring the best possible performance for your printed images. Entering CPLFabbrika you will have access to a vast catalogue of Plastisol inks on offer, an online sale at low prices that represents your big chance to print indelible images with the best quality.