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Screen stretching mesh

Excl. Tax: €7.60 Incl. Tax: €9.04

Polyester mesh for stretching screen printing frames. Available in white or yellow fabric, or in steel. Choose the dimensions and mesh count.

Screen stretching mesh

For all printing enthusiasts and artisans in this field who want to create excellent productions, on CPLFabbrika you can find different models of screen printing canvas for sale online, which you will need to create frames for the production of prints with this particular technique. Our screen printing canvas is perfect to give an excellent quality final result, which allows you to transfer images and drawings on all kinds of neutral supports for screen printing, such as T-shirts, caps, bags and whatever else is possible. Our proposals are divided between polyester fibre and steel screen printing stretcher frames with different thread densities. A lower thread density corresponds to a higher opacity, which allows a larger quantity of ink to be transferred, improving the final result.

Deciding whether to use screen printing canvases with more threads versus those with fewer also depends on the type of dye used. In the case of water-based screen printing inks, fewer threads are required than in the case of others, such as Plastisol ink, because more pigment has to be transferred to the substrates to be printed. Our canvases for screen printing frames are also easy to use with normal frame stretching glues, which will allow you to create perfect tools for your creations. They are suitable for small and medium-sized professionals who want to expand their range of services, for an increasingly attentive and competent clientele, also thanks to the fact that our products are available for sale by the metre, allowing us to meet the needs of the amateur as well as the larger company. Browse CPLFabbrika's online catalogue to find the screen printing loom fabric that best suits your printing needs, that can satisfy your requirements and those of your customers, you will find it on offer at discounted prices.