Manual heat presses

All manual heat presses for transfer, screen, digital or sublimation printing. Complete your printing workshop. Manual Heat Presses The CPLFabbrika store offers you all the best equipment for sublimation and screen printing through a wide range of products at discounted prices and on offer, such as manual heat presses, perfect for customising clothing such as neutral T-shirts for printing, but also ideal for other materials and objects such as cups and glasses in metal, wood or ceramic. The manual heat press can do any kind of job with extreme precision and comes in different models, from the side opening model to the extra combo model that can do more jobs, from the cylindrical and conical cup model to the very high quality model with LCD control. The operations for the final production of an object can only be carried out through the proper use of sublimation inks which, in contact with heat, lose their liquid form and turn into gas, transferring in a stable manner to the working surfaces. The working surfaces of manual heat presses can be heated on both sides and, varying in model and cost, it is possible to have a side opening or a front folding opening. Essential for stamping operations with the hand heat press is the use of an excellent sublimation paper that can permanently transfer the image created and fix it indelibly to the fibres or more difficult materials. On our website you will find a wide range of accessories for sublimation heat presses that will allow you to change and replace parts or improve your machine in the manual model, such as the use of silicone mats or plates with pressure gauge, perfect for maintaining a high quality of production. Enter CPL Fabbrika immediately and choose from the best manual heat presses, discover directly in our online shop how to make a workshop at the best prices on the market and don’t miss out on the fantastic offers available to you.

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