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InkJet printers

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Epson inkjet printers in A4 and A3, suitable for transfer printing on fabrics.

Inkjet Printer for Transfer Printing

Among the various accessories for transfer printing sold online on CPLFabbrika you can find also digital transfer printers, among which inkjet printers, perhaps among the most used in the home. With a simple inkjet printer it is possible to print on transfer paper, which can then be used to customise objects and fabrics, by transferring the desired image. Our inkjet printer for transfer printing is available both in A4 format, the most classic one, and in A3 format, in models that can be modified to meet various needs. For example, by using a special kit we can transform our inkjet printer for digital transfer into a model for sublimation printing, carefully following all the steps to be followed to install the kit correctly and make it fully functional.

Some of our inkjet printers can also be used to print in opaque black on screen printing film, after having carried out specific adjustments to the model chosen. In our online shop you will also find all the accessories you need for the perfect maintenance of your inkjet printer on offer, starting with printer inks, which are useful to prevent the print quality from being adversely affected by a cartridge running out. Making prints on digital transfer paper, processing screen printing films, sublimation printing, all activities that you can now carry out at home, simply by buying everything you need directly from the windows of our ecommerce. Enter CPLFabbrika now and browse the catalogue of inkjet printers for sale online, do not miss our offers at low prices and take home your ideal printer model.