Roland Photoengravers

Roland Photogravure The Roland photoengravers for sale online in our catalogue offer you a tool of the highest quality designed to customise in the best possible way and in a professional manner objects made of different materials. From gold to silver, through titanium, copper and brass, this device is the ideal choice to install in your graphics workshop a machine dedicated to customizing metal items of all kinds, at an affordable price. The pointer of these Roland products is similar to that of the most precise laser plotters and allows you to make accurate engravings on different types of surfaces. The high quality of the finishes made with the Roland photoengraver makes it the perfect accessory for working with everyday items such as pins and magnets, but also jewellery, watches, glasses, and items that require great precision for the realization of a final product in a workmanlike manner. Whether you want to create high-end corporate merchandising, or customise precious jewellery and metal components, this machine is the right choice. These Roland accessories are sold together with various gadgets that facilitate its use, such as the self-centring vices, and the matching caps for engraving on curved objects. Also included in the sale is software for managing the machine, useful for acquiring the images to be engraved and easily controlling the image-making process. The compact size of the Roland laser engravers make them the perfect tools to include in your kit for sublimation, for a laboratory capable of offering a customization service to 360°, using engravings on metal, self-adhesive vinyl and all the best techniques for the creation of gadgets and custom objects of high quality. Take advantage of the great offer of CPLFabbrika and buy the Roland laser photoengraver to give yourself an ideal product for your business.

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