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Screen printing studio accessories
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Screen printing studio accessories

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The accessories you need to complete your screenprinting studio. Measuring devices, pallets and much more.

Machines and equipment for screen printing

CPL Fabbrika, the specialist in the sale of screen printing equipment, presents all the screen printing lab accessories you need for your business or hobby. In our extensive catalogue of screen printing lab accessories, you will find a wide range of products, starting with Alluplan templates, which offer great flexibility for printing custom t-shirts and other objects and garments, and can be adapted to all screen printing machines thanks to a wide range of attachments. These are made of honeycomb aluminium, a lightweight material that is resistant to solvents and working temperatures. In our screen printing lab accessories section you can also find various screen printing accessories for your business, such as silicon paper for screen printing transfers and polypropylene ribbon, as well as precision equipment that will enable you to achieve the quality you want in your printing jobs.

The accessories for screen printing workshops will make your work easier and are essential for producing high quality products, such as the infrared thermometer to measure the temperature during the processing phases, laser pointers to position objects precisely, or the exposure calculator, an essential tool for determining an exact exposure at the first attempt even with the use of manual heat presses in small productions for craft or hobby purposes. We also offer a series of accessories for screen printing workshops that will be useful in medium and large productions and will make your work easier in terms of time, such as the mesh folders that can be adapted to all the mesh sizes on the market, the glue stitch machine or the vibrating screen for collecting paper or PVC from the oven. In our ecommerce you will have the opportunity to find, available online, the best accessories for screen printing laboratories on offer that will allow you to raise the level of quality of your creations even further.