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Transfer Paper for Decals

Water-slide transfer paper for creating decals on glass, plexiglas and other solid materials.

Transfer Paper for Decals

On CPL Fabbrika you can find all the various types of transfer paper on the market, from those for hard surfaces to transfer paper for fabrics, up to the specific one for decals on objects, ideal for any kind of work. The decal paper you can buy on offer in our ecommerce store is cuttable and transparent, and can also be cold transferred, so you can use it without a heat press. In particular, the one you will get at home at a low price is a paper for water-based decals, a perfect product for transfer printing, particularly suitable for customising black or white objects, excellent if used on rigid materials such as Plexiglas or glass. For a correct use it is also necessary to have a special spatula, made of rubber and specific for decals.

In our showcase you will find inkjet decal paper for use with classic home printers, but also specific paper for laser printers, available in a wide range of solutions to suit every need. Our water-based decal paper adapts perfectly to any type of flat surface, but it is also ideal for surfaces with irregularities. Moreover, if it is baked, it becomes even more resistant to scratches and imperfections. If you want to have personalised objects as you see fit, all you have to do is equip yourself with our decal paper, and in a short time you will become an expert in its best use. Take advantage of the offer of CPLFabbrika and choose the decal paper for sale online that suits you, at the best price of the web you will have the ideal accessory to give a personal touch to your objects.