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Ready stretched and exposed screens
  1. Ready stretched screens
  2. Non-stretched screenprinting frames

Ready stretched and exposed screens

Ready stretched and exposed screens

Stretched screens or frames for screen printing. Shop our ready-to-use screens or choose our 48-hour screen exposure service.

Ready stretched and exposed screens

Inside CPL Fabbrika you will find all the best products for screen printing, a wide range of accessories and high quality equipment such as our screen printing frames, ideal for practicing all the various screen printing techniques. The screen printing frame you buy in our ecommerce is available with either a metal or wooden profile, so you can choose the screen printing frame with the most suitable frame for your needs. In this section you will also find the engraved screen printing frame, such as the model useful for screen printing with photo ceramics, which is not only stretched but also supplied already emulsified and engraved.

You will be able to process your screen printing frame by placing the chosen product in the shopping cart, as well as everything you need to process it, from emulsions for screen printing, universal for all types of ink, to the bromograph, essential for photoengraving. In addition to screen printing frames, you will also find untensioned frames, which are available in various sizes. Our screen printing frames can also be purchased with a ready-made design, simply contact our frame engraving service, providing the desired image. Discover our offer and buy your screen printing frame now among those on sale at the best price.