Manual 1 Color Tampography Machine. Clichè 100 x 200 mm


Manual 1 Color Tampography Machine. Clichè 100 x 200 mm

With 70 mm ceramic cup
Clichè 100 x 200 mm
Dispatched in 24H
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Full description

One color manual tampography machine

With 70 mm ceramic cup
Clichè 100 x 200 mm

– 70 mm hermetic magnetized inkwell
– Adjustable pad holder on x – y – z axes and rotation
– 180 mm x 100 mm worktop adjustable on x – y – z and rotation axes
– Pressure regulation; – Plate holder base in photopolymer 100 x 200 mm
– Weight 22kg
– Maximum height of printable object 70mm

Main characteristics:
– You can move the pad along the horizontal and vertical guides with one hand, leaving the other free to load the piece to be printed. It is very simple to use

– It has a mechanical locking system for the vertical sliding of the pad, in order to obtain the maximum possible precision. The ink is contained in a cup that adopts an advanced system for protecting the environment and saving ink

– The worktop can be adjusted from top to bottom, from left to right and forwards or backwards. The pad can be adjusted from left to right and from front or back and as a rotation on the plane. It is very quick and easy to make mechanical adjustments in the machine to center the print.


We would like to better understand how this 1-colour pad printing machine works.We need to print some text on the inside of the arm on a pair of glasses, it’s approximately 2.5 mm high and 25 mm long. We'd like to know: how to prepare the pad printing clichés and how much it costs; what kind of ink is best to use and how long the printed text lasts.
Answer to the question from Jacob

With the one-colour manual pad printing machine it’s certainly possible to print the text you describe.

It’s probably not even necessary to remove the arm from the glasses.

You can get 5-6 pieces of text on each cliché, so you will need about 4 clichés.

If the texts are repeated, it’s probably not convenient for you to acquire the equipment and expose the clichés yourself, it might be better to buy clichés that have been pre-exposed from your file and are ready to printing.

The writing on the arm is very durable, provided you identify the most suitable ink to use with that material.


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