Screen reclaiming products - Stripping

The products for recovering and reusing a screen printing frame. Stripping products to remove hardened gelatine and anti-ghosting to eliminate the ghost image from the screen printing frame. Screen Printing Frame Stripping For all small and medium sized artisans who want to expand their range of services, on CPLFabbrika there are many products for screen printing frames stripping, perfect to be used to recover screen printing frames at the end of their use for the realization of prints. The latter are coated with special screen printing emulsions on which the images to be printed on various media, such as T-shirts or caps, have been printed. Our screen printing stripping products are perfect for eliminating residues from previous prints, allowing you to reuse them to start production again once they have been removed from the tools used for printing, such as automatic screen printing carousels used to transfer designs directly onto the media. The accessories for screen printing stripping in our wide-ranging catalogue are perfect for allowing any small or medium-sized craftsman to develop this particular type of printing, with which he can satisfy an increasingly wide range of customers, while minimising production costs. Our offer is particularly wide, and within it you will be able to choose products for screen printing frames processing as well as those for recovery that can be adapted to your production needs, such as the remover, supplied with the special empty bottle with sprayer, which will allow you to use it with the support placed in a vertical position, or horizontally, sprinkling the product with a sponge and removing it with a strong jet of water. Other screen-printing stripping tools that you can use to remove old images are also very useful, such as the anti-ghost remover, which has the particular function of erasing the coloured traces that are created due to the fact that the emulsion dyes the fibres of the frame, creating a ghost image that our product is able to eliminate quickly and completely. Visit the CPLfabbrika online store to find the best frame repair products of our wide range of products in the catalogue, you can buy them at discounted prices, the best on the web.

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