Films for Ink Jet printers

Film suitable for printing with epson inkjet printers, to create screen printing transparencies. Choose your sheet size. Screen printing film for inkjet printers CPLFabbrika specialises in the sale of screen printing equipment and accessories. In addition to providing a service for screen printing films, among the products you can buy in different quantities are films for ink jet printers. This type of film is ideal for screen printing transparencies at very low costs, as it can be used with all popular ink jet printers such as Epson printers. The films can be used with the traditional pigment inks commonly used by these printers. In the online catalogue, available for purchase, you will find packs of 10 sheets A4 and A3, to rolls of 100 metres. The use of the films is very simple, you just need to insert it in the appropriate compartment of the ink jet printer making sure to set the correct side on which the print will be printed, the stickier one specially treated to ensure maximum print quality. In order to obtain a good print yield, it is advisable to carry out printing tests with traditional sheets of paper to check the correct functioning of the heads and the intensity of the ink. The use of film has no effect on the wear and tear of the printer. The films can also be used to print screen printing transparencies for the Lumi Inkodye system. This system originates from the United States and is particularly used for printing on screen-printed t-shirts, hats, bags, and is highly appreciated for the excellent rendering of images and lettering. You can buy ink jet printer film directly online with an excellent quality/price ratio. Buy at discounted prices and take advantage of the offers on films for ink jet printers on CPLFabbrika, the most well-stocked online sale for the screen printing sector.

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