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Screen printing studio equipment

Screen printing studio equipment

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All the equipment you could need for setting up a screen printing studio. Screen printing presses, carousels, flash dryers and light tables.

Machines and equipment for screen printing studios and labs

In this section of CPLFabbrika you can find all the necessary equipment for any type of screen printing, a wide selection of high quality screen printing machines on offer, divided into different types of use. You can choose, for example, the manual screen printing machine, available from the simplest and cheapest version up to the professional one, but also the manual screen printing carousels to print in several colours, ideal equipment to make customised T-shirts and gadgets, thanks to the possibility to use several screen printing frames at the same time. In addition to the manual version you will also find the semi-automatic and automatic screen printing machines, ideal for professional screen printing.

Essential screen printing equipment also includes screen printing ink ovens and dryers, which make it easy to dry the prints you have just made. There is also a wide range of flash hoods, which are ideal for stabilising colours during printing, as well as for fixing them on dark coloured fabrics, which do not always give appreciable results. By purchasing a screen printing machine you will be able to produce a large number of garments and personalised items. Choose on CPLFabbrika your T-shirt printing machine among those on offer, take advantage of our online sale at discounted prices to buy everything you need for your screen printing.