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Printable adhesive polyester

Adhesive polyester sheets printable with inkjet or laser printer and cuttable with plotter.

Printable polyester adhesive

In CPLFabbrika's digital store you will find everything you need to print on different types of materials and a wide selection of printable adhesive polyester, the perfect product for glossy and resistant reproductions suitable for all uses, especially in the decorative and promotional field. The printable adhesive polyester for sale online in the catalogue, known chemically as polyethylene terephthalate, is a thermoplastic resin belonging to the polyester family, a material that lends itself to being shaped with precision by cutting plotters, which are also present in the store in different models both in terms of size and engraving properties. This material has a very low environmental impact because it is easily recyclable and is known for its electrical properties, strong chemical resistance and resistance to high temperatures, but above all for its moulding speed. You will find at your disposal a wide choice of adhesive printable polyester, adaptable to different models of laser printers for the creation of customised articles of the highest quality.

Adhesive polyester for printing is available in the classic glossy model, which can be printed on one side only and is very resistant to solvents and tears, as well as in the transparent glossy model, which is perfect when using light-coloured inks, and also in the gold and silver varieties made from metallised films, which are resistant to heat and agents such as humidity and UV rays. These items represent the ideal basis for creating elegant promotional advertising solutions such as adhesive banners, posters, labels, bookmarks, transparencies, nameplates or cards. Adhesive polyester for printing differs from self-adhesive vinyl both in price and, above all, because while the former are the result of laser reproduction, the latter are suitable for inkjet printing techniques. If you want to create a personalised sticker with printable polyester adhesive, we recommend using the excellent and compact Epson detachable models in our catalogue, perfect for both sublimation and digital transfer. Search now for the product that best suits your needs, discover in our online shop all the incredible offers at the best prices on the market, start using our products right away.