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Cliche Tampography and Film Printing

Here you will find the red photopolymer clichés for exposed and tampography printing and the film printing service from your file.


Cliche Tampography in Red Photopolymer and Print Films from your File

Buy the red polymeric cliche for sale online at the CPLFabbrika shop specializing in printing and graphics, and choose a fundamental accessory for top quality pad printing and available at discounted prices and with offers not to be missed. The red photopolymer pad printing cliche can be easily installed on one of our pad printing machines to give precision and absolute quality to the shapes and designs to be applied for the creation of customized objects of all kinds. This technique is extremely functional for printing images and colors on flat surfaces but is often used to customize three-dimensional shapes, such as key rings, notebooks, office items, and all the neutral pad printing items you find in our catalog.

The red photopolymer cliché is sensitive to light and must be engraved with the design you want to apply and then painted with the use of pad printing inks that the staff proposes to allow the printing machine to interact perfectly with this complement. The design is then transferred to the soft silicone that will apply it to the desired surface. Thanks to the pad printing pads in our catalog together with the photopolymer clichés, it is possible to apply graphics and inks in an absolutely precise way on objects of all kinds, with accessories designed for key rings, or with a shape suitable for transferring color to pens or on smooth surfaces. Take advantage of our customer care service if you have any doubts about the use of these accessories and get in touch with our staff who will provide you with the red pad printing photopolymer cliche professionally engraved and ready for use on the printer. Take advantage of CPLFabbrika's experience for everything related to the world of printing and graphics and buy red photopolymer cliche pad printing for sale online with all the equipment for your laboratory, saving money with exclusive prices and truly unbeatable offers from the store.