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Foils and Floc

Gold and silver foils and flocs in different colours for special effects in screen printing. Laminated and flocked.

Foils for screen printing

In order to print on fabric with special effects, CPLFabbrika offers you the possibility to buy silk-screen printing foils, which are ideal to be transferred on t-shirts or other clothes to obtain wonderful results. The silk-screen printing foils guarantee a perfect result, moreover they are easily transferable thanks to the silk-screen printing heat presses, to be used with different timing according to the chosen silk-screen printing foil, varying from 10 to 16 seconds for each print. Screen printing foil differs in the final result from classic screen printing inks in that it can be used to add special effects due to its glossiness, which is not possible with classic inks. In this way, it is easy to obtain personalised fabrics with particularly beautiful colours and designs, ideal both for personal use and as an advertising vehicle.

Durability is also improved by using a plastisol ink, which allows the glue used to be the same colour as the laminate, preventing any small differences between the two elements, thus obtaining a perfect final print every time. There are two main colours available, silver and gold, which will allow you to produce special iridescent effects due to the brightness of the product. The screen printing foils presented have a height of 75 cm and a length of 61 m per roll. Our catalogue also includes the ideal glue for this type of work, available in 1 kg cans, perfect for making your creations stable on neutral clothing, the most suitable for this type of work, such as T-shirts, polo shirts and vests specifically designed for printing on fabric. On CPLFabbrika you can find the screen printing foil for sale online that best suits your production needs, and you can buy it on offer at a price never seen before on the web.